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Build a Simple Drone and Test How Much It Can Lift [E]
Investigate how the shape of an object affects drag [E]
Mimicking fruit fly response patterns for threat evasion of airborne machines [P] [P]
How to build the best paper airplane in the world [E]
Investigate the effect of airplane shape, including its wing shape and size, on its aerodynamics lift when tested under different wind tunnel fan speeds. [P] [P]
Static Thrust and Efficiency of Small Aircraft Propellers [E]
Measure wheter the size and shape of a balloon rocket will affect how fast and how far the balloon will travel on a string. [P]
Design a Kite that Flies Best in Low Winds [E]
At What Diameter Does an Aluminum Boat Sink? [E]
What Material Makes the Most Resonant Soundboard? [E]
Is it possible to improve safety of driving in the dark by reducing blinding effect of the opposing cars head lights? [P]
Build a solar toy car and explain its operation. [E] [E] [E] [E] [E] [E] [E] [E] [E] [P]
Investigate how light passes through pinhole apertures of different sizes. [E]
Investigate the CCD: Heart of the Digital Camera and other Optical Devices [E] [P]
Build a tower of Lego� Duplos� on slopes of varying angles and determine how deep the foundations need to be to keep the tower standing upright. [E]
Which will bounce higher? A basketball with nitrogen in it or a basketball with oxygen in it? [P] [P]
Determine which bridge design holds the most weight - the arch bridge or the suspension bridge - using LEGOS [E] [E] [E] [E]
Can the Color of Your House Reduce Your Energy Bill? [E]
Can you build a perpetual motion machine (over-unity device)? [E] [E]

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