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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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Determine which category of rock (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic) has the ability to hold oil and by implication natural gas. [E]
The Effect of Candle Wax Hardness on the Burning Time of a Candle [P]
Effect of Alcohol Percentage in Gasohol on Engine Output [P]
The Oil Industry [P]
Research gasoline and Diesel engines. [P]
Biomass Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Interdisciplinary Topic: Fire
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
Is it beneficial to use a multi-frequency acoustic application to improve production in oil and gas wells? [P] [P]
Vibrating the Oil-Water Mixture to Infer Water Cut [E]
Analyze the differences in burning time, caloric energy, and carbon emissions of gasoline, diesel, and ethanol. [E]
Heat Output of Diesel, Kerosene and Biodiesel in Smudge Pots [P]
Determine which fireplace fuels work most efficiantly to heat a room for the least amount of time, energy, and money. [E]
Compare petroleum diesel to Diesel Secret Energy (DSE) in fuel consumption, motor oil cleanliness, exhaust emissions, power, and price. [E]
Comparing the Effects of Vaporized Gasoline to Liquid Gasoline in an Engine [E]
The Effect of Propane Gas Burning Rate on the Efficiency of Heating [P]
What Type of Fuel Has the Greatest Energy per Unit Mass? [E] [E]
What brand of fireplace pellets burn the longest and produce the most heat? [P]
Biomass Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Interdisciplinary Topic: Fire
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Compare possible fuel sources for the amount of energy they give off in the form of heat energy and tell which one(s) are cleaner burning fuels than the others. [E]
Can Bitumen be extracted by heating oil sands in-situ? [P]
Test oil-gasoline mixtures in two-stroke engines for cleaner burning - Maxima's Super-M, Maxima's Formula K-2, and Pro Honda's HP2. [E]
Test the effect of fragrance oils added to Paraffin wax candles on the rate of combustion. [E]
Research the petroleum industry - how it's separated, cracked, the uses of it, oil running out, etc. [P]
Determine if propane is a cleaner and more efficient energy source than gasoline for an internal combustion motor. [E]
Clean coal technology [P]
Biomass Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Interdisciplinary Topic: Fire
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