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Primary School - Grades K-3
P=Project   E=Experiment
How do liquids of various densities interact with each other? [E]
Are bubbles always round? [P] [P]
Test if adding glycerin or corn syrup will improve a mixture of bubble solution. [E]
Which recipe will create the biggest bubbles? [E] [E]
Find out how different concentrations of a water/salt solution affected the speed of the Hot Wheels� Formula Fuelers racer on our race course. [P]
When adding a drop of detergent to a plate of milk with food coloring, what kind of milk produces the best swirling of color: 1%, 2%, or whole milk? What happens to plain water? [P]
Will salt make ice melt faster? [E] [E]
Water Hardness and Water pH Science Fair Projects
Water K-12 Experiments & Background Information
Interdisciplinary Topic: Water
Interdisciplinary Topic: Ice
Elementary School - Grades 4-6
P=Project   E=Experiment
Find out which materials can catch a bubble without popping it. [E]
Does Cold Water Boil Faster than Warm Water? [E]
Make a better environmentally friendlier ice melter. [P] [P]
Test whether more expensive towels can retain more water and are stronger [P]
Which of the six fabrics, denim, wool, cotton, fleece, polyester, and felt, insulates heated water best? [P]
Separate pure water from fruit juice using a simple stovetop distillation apparatus. [E]
Find the critical point for colloidal mixtures composed of different types of starches. [E]
Mmake gels out of cornstarch and water, and test if you can change the consistency of the final product by changing the ratio of ingredients. [E]
The Effect of Wind Speed, Air Humidity, and Air Temperature on Evaporation Rate of Water [P]
Find out if adding various amounts of different solutes to water will increases its boiling point. [E]
Find out if adding salt, oil, detergent, and heating water could influence ordinary tap water's surface tension. [E]
Determine which water type will dissolve a soap bar at the fastest rate. [E]
The effect of salt on the boiling temperature of water [P]
Evaluate the effectiveness of various ice melting products [P]
What is the effect of chlorine concentrations on carbon filter performance? [P]
Water Hardness and Water pH Science Fair Projects
Water K-12 Experiments & Background Information
Interdisciplinary Topic: Water
Interdisciplinary Topic: Ice
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
Out of black, white, blue, yellow, green, and red, which color paper makes water in a jar have the highest temperature after 1 hour under a heat lamp? [P]
Which ice cubes will melt the fastest in different bowls with different substances? [P]
A Green, Low-Cost Solution for the Removal and Recovery of Dye from Industrial Wastewater [E]
Removal of Dye Nanoparticles Using a Natural Coagulant with Electrocoagulation in Series to Remediate Wastewater [E]
Lowering the Boiling Point of Water [E]
Find out if a mountain stream would stay liquid at temperatures that freeze an alpine lake [E]
Manipulating the Surface Tension of Water to Find the Best Way of Cleaning [E]
Hydraulic Fracturing Using Sea Water [E]
The Effect of Biodegradable Dye on the Evaporation Rates of Salt Water [E]
Can Cross Linked Polymers Help with California's Water Crisis [E]
Use an electric calorimeter to measure the heat capacity of water and measure the conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy. [E]
Determine how the temperature of a mixture of water and ammonium nitrate changes with the amount of ammonium nitrate dissolved in the water. [E]
Determine if water or vinegar (water with acetic acid) is better for testing lead content in household objects. [E]
Determine which added material will make ice melt fastest. [E]
Determine if the conductivity of distilled water changes when it is mixed with various substances and to what extent. [E]
Analysis of Water for Mercury using Light [E]
Determine ionic or non-ionic nature of water by building your own water conductivity meter [E]
How Do Substances Mixed in Water Affect Its Evaporation Rate? [E]

Does the Rate of Heating Water Have an Affinity for Salinity? [E]
The effect of dissolved salt and sugar on the melting rate of ice [E] [P]
How Does Sunlight Affect the Chemistry of Water in a Saltwater Reef Aquarium? [E]
Create an efficient and economical cold pack using water and different types and different quantities of fertilizers. [P]
Why does sugar water increase magnetic attraction? [E]
How Four Salts Affect Electrical Conductivity [E]
Find the best way to recycle urine so astronauts will be able to have water without costing the space station a lot of money and cargo weight. [E]
How Fast Do Hydrogen Ions Diffuse through Water? [E]
Solar Electrolysis of Water for Hydrogen Production [E]
To what extent does the surface tension of water decrease as the amount of detergent is increased? [E]
Adjusting Chlorine Level to Minimize Evaporation Loss of Pool Water [E]
The effect of temperature on the water solubility of alum, baking soda, Epsom salt, and salt [P]
Deicers [P] [P]
How does temperature affect the speed of molecules in water? [E]
The International Boiling Point Project [E]
How salt affects the boiling point of water? [E]
Does adding salt to water lower its freezing point? [E] [E] [E]
The factors which affect the reaction of acid rain on limestone [E]
Test the conductivity of water [E]
Investigate Flow Dynamics of the Salt Oscillator [E]
See how the hydraulic conductivity of water and crude oil is different. [E]
Water Hardness and Water pH Science Fair Projects
Water K-12 Experiments & Background Information
Interdisciplinary Topic: Water
Interdisciplinary Topic: Ice
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Find out what will happen when we grow silver aggregates at different concentrations and potential difference. [E]
Novel X-ray spectroscopic techniques to investigate the bonding structure of water [E]
Determine the effectiveness of commercial ice melters. [P]
Test the conductivity of water and other liquids [E]
Conductivity and Water Quality [E]
The Effectiveness of Freeze Desalination [E]
The effect of chlorine on disinfection byproduct formation [E]
A New Quantum Mechanical Approach in Determining the Octanol Water Partition Coefficients (Kow) of Organic Aromatic Compounds [E]
Examining Water Freezing Point Depression as a Function of Solute Ionization from a Thermodynamic Perspective [E]
Water purification technologies [E]
Water Hardness and Water pH Science Fair Projects
Water K-12 Experiments & Background Information
Interdisciplinary Topic: Water
Interdisciplinary Topic: Ice
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