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C=Circuit Diagram


Op-Amp Mic Preamp [C]
Dynamic Microphone Preamp [C]
24 Watt Class A Amplifier [C]
150W MP3 Car Amplifier [C]
Buffer Amplifier [C]
Vinyl Pre-Amplifier [C]
Class-A / AB Amplifier [C] [C]
Low Voltage Preamplifier [C]
Soft switching Amplifier with Tone Controls [C]
Cheap 100 to 150 Watt Amp [C]
Hi-Fi Preamplifier [C]
TDA2030 8 Watt amplifier [C]
Stereo Line Driver [C]
2 Watt Audio Amplifier [C]
Electret Condenser Microphone (ECM) Preamplifier [C]
Headphone Amplifier [C]
15 Watt Amplifier [C]
Quadraphonic Amplifier [C]
20 Watt Power Amplifier [C]
6 10 Watt Stereo Amplifier [C]

Audio Level Meters

Stereo VU Meter [C]
Audio Level Meter (vumeter) Circuit [C]
Audio Level Meter [C]
Peak Reading Audio Level Meter [C]

Tone Control Circuits

6 Input Mixer [C]
Voice Scramblers (Change Your Voice) [C]
Stereo Mixer [C]
Bass-Treble Tone Control Circuits [C] [C]
Five band graphic equalizer using a single IC/chip [C]
Three band graphic equalizer [C]
Audio Light Modulator / Colored Organ (1 bulb) [C]
Audio Light Modulator / Colored Organ (2 bulbs) [C]
Audio Light Modulator (picks up sound from built in microphone) [C]


Arduino Li-Fi Audio Player With Solar Panel [C]
Ultrasonic Dog Whistle [C]
Audio Room / Baby Monitor [C] [C]
Simple Intercom Systems [C] [C]
Sound Activated Circuits [C] [C]
Audio Voice-Over Circuit [C]
Computer Microphone [C]
Notch Filter [C]
Infrared headphones [C]
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Electronics Discoveries and Inventions
Heinrich Hertz: Radio Waves
Guglielmo Marconi: Radio
Radio and Wireless Patents
Bell: Telephone Invention
The Invention of the Transistor
Konrad Zuse: Relay Computer
The Oil-Drop Experiment

Electricity Projects Famous Electro Scientists

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