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Do twins have identical or similar fingerprints? [E] [E] [E]
Fingerprint Similarity Between Siblings and Non-related People [P]
Build Your Own Lie-Detector / Polygraph [E]
Create a Facial Recognition Door Lock With Raspberry Pi [C]
Determine which characteristic of typing is most unique and will yield a better biometric: times in between keystrokes or length of time keys are held down. [P] [P]
Learn about forensic science by performing balloon spatter experiments. [E]
Study the science of mummification by mummifying a hot dog using baking soda. [E]
How ink can help forensic scientists to catch criminals. [E]
Testing for Bias in a Photo Lineup [E]
Confidence and Accuracy in Eyewitness Identifications [E]
Determine whether or not memories change over time, leading to wrongful convictions. [P]
Measure, share and record biometric data [E]
Paper Chromatography: An Experiment [E]
Create a DNA Fingerprint (6-12) - NOVA [E]

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