My Dog Kelly
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My name is Udi Rubin. In 1994 I was a sixth grader, 11 years old, in Dimona, a little desert town in Israel. At the end of this year I found Kelly, a female German Shepherd puppy in an old abandoned storehouse near our home. In this page I'd like to tell you about Kelly in short and more.

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German Shepherd Puppy
The new coming Kelly is sniffing her way in our garden to the food pot.

Udi with Kelly

German Shepherd (Alsatian) Dog
Kelly with Ron and Nilly

German Shepherd Dog on Kennel
Kelly resting on her kennel.

German Shepherd Dog
A closer look at Kelly on her kennel

German Shepherd (Alsatian) Dog
That's me Udi playing with Kelly, our new pet, in our home garden.

German Shepherd Dog
Kelly is enjoying her new leash

German Shepherd Dog with a Miniature Pinscher
Kelly with a new friend Jojo - a Miniature Pinscher held by my brother Ron.

Female German Shepherd Dog With Puppies
Kelly with her five puppies

German Shepherd Dog With Puppies
Kelly with puppies again

German Shepherd Dog
The twins Ron and Nilly, my brother and sister, holding Kelly's puppies

German Shepherd puppy
One of Kelly's puppies

German Shepherd Dog
Kelly behind the fence

German Shepherd Dog
Kelly is playful

German Shepherd Dog
Kelly is a protagonist of a juvenile science adventure novel wrote by my father Julian - The Orchid Grower, which plot takes place in Dimona, Israel

My dog's grave

Kelly's Grave

Kelly died on Thursday, March 29, 2007, 7:35 PM in Dimona, Israel at the age of 13.
This day (I was 24), regretfully, I was far away from home and my father Julian and brother Ron buried her not far from our home in a vast field (by the railway fence) on a wonderful spring night and that's the way we are going to remember her.
GPS readings retrieved on 28.04.2007: Coordinates 31 05719 N, 35 02834 E, Height 563m.

The Surprise

After we buried Kelly grieving, we were sure that that's it with our beloved pet. But a great surprise awaited for us. One month after Kelly's death my sister, Nilly, came home for a few days off from her pre-army service with a friend accompanied with a female dog trying to find her a new home. There is nothing unique about this besides the interesting and striking fact that this dog was also called Kelly. At first I was sure that my sister, Nilly, is kidding in an effort to persuade my father to adopt her, but her name was really Kelly. The coincidence is remarkable since the name Kelly for a dog is quite rare.

A few pictures of our "new" Kelly, a mixed Dachshund, follow:

Mixed Basset Hound
Our "new" Kelly

Mixed Dachshund with a Miniature Pinscher
Kelly with the old friend Jojo

Mixed Dachshund
Kelly is playing "dead"

Mixed Dachshund is barking
Kelly is barking and it looks like she lost her teeth on one side but as a matter of fact Kelly died at age 17 with almost all her teeth in her mouth.

Jojo's Dies
Miniature Pinscher
Jojo died on Sunday, July 27, 2015, 6:00 AM in Dimona, Israel at the age of 17 (at least 15). That day (I was 32), regretfully again I was far away from home (I was a graduate student at Columbia University in New York) and my father Julian and brother Ron buried her next Kelly's grave (see above).
GPS readings retrieved on 27.07.2015: Coordinates N 31 04413 E 35 02174.
My dog's grave

Jojo's Grave

Regretfully Kelly's grave was trampled by a tractor and destroyed. Therefore we buried Jojo (the same day she died at 11:00 AM) closer to the railway fence hopefully this will prevent any other tractor from crushing the grave.

Our New Kelly Dies
My dog's grave

New Kelly's Grave

Our new Kelly died peacefully at age 17 on Sunday, 24 June, 2018, 23:35 - enjoying good health till the end. We buried her a few meters from the first Kelly and Jojo. Kelly lived with us 12 enjoying years, in our home garden, together with Jojo and our new dog a cute and energetic terrier by the name of Cutica (see below). In the picture are seen Jenny, my son's Ron dog, and Cutica visiting the grave of an old friend.

Terrier Dog


Our energetic and playful terrier. My father, Julian, says that since he's 64 that's his last one but who knows.
Three Dogs

My father is walking, from left to right, Cutica, Kelly (new) and Jojo.

My Dog Kelly

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