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Primary School - Grades K-3
P=Project   E=Experiment
Is the air the same temperature in the sun and in the shade? [E]
What is a shadow? [P]
Discover the relationship between magnification and optical distance of a lens. [E]
What makes white light [E]
Infrared Radiation
Ultraviolet Light
Sun & Light
Elementary School - Grades 4-6
P=Project   E=Experiment
Light Intensity and Distance [E]
Radar Detection: How To Make Airplanes Invisible [P] [P]
The James Webb Space Telescope's Amazing Multiple Mirrors and Sunshield [E]
Light Energy Effects on Matter [E]
Identify the reflection and refraction properties of light. [P]
How does colour affect the amount of light absorbed or reflected. [P]
Make your own jelly lenses and have fun with bending light. [E]
How Lenses Work: Testing the Lensmaker's Formula [E]
The most efficient automobile sunshade [E]
Investigate the spectrum of light [P]
Black holes and time [P]
What is Synchrotron Light? [P]
Infrared Radiation
Ultraviolet Light
Sun & Light
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
A Smartphone Application that Detects and Analyzes Raman Backscattering to Distinguish Between Substances [P] [P]
Predicting the Interference Pattern from a Double and Triple Slit Experiment with Geometry [E]
Design and build your own infinity mirror. [E]
Magnetic Field Modulation for Assembly and Manipulation of Responsive Nanoscale Optical Systems [E]
Measure the speed of rotation of a radiometer and test how the speed varies as the light intensity varies. [E]
Investigate whether different frequencies of light contain different amounts of energy. [E]
Why is The Sky Blue [E] [P]
What film speed is most tolerant to light? [P]
What ophthalmic lenses best absorb ultraviolet light? [P]
Determine whether the average number of calories produced by each 1.25 inch mirror tile in a concentrating solar array would remain constant as the size of the array was changed. [E]
Learn whether the denstiy of a liquid medium would affect the way it refracts light. [E]
Determine if photons in sunlight exhibit detectable mass properties when striking a mechanical detector. [E]
Determine the effect of sugar concentration on the index of refraction (IOR) of sugar solutions [E]
Can Fiber Optic Wire Light a Home? [E]
At What Angle Does Refracted Light Create a Mirage? [E]

Spectral Lines Emitted by Noble Gases [E]
Diffractive Bending of Laser Beams Around Objects [E]
Find out whether the distance between double-slits in a slide would affect the resulting interference fringes the same way with a piece of glass placed in front of one slit. [E]
Polarimetry: Measuring the Optical Activity of Sugars [E]
The Burning Mirror of Archimedes: A Weapon of Mast Destruction? [E]
Determine what properties of mediums affect the light reflection, refraction and intensity of different liquids. [E]
Will high frequency plasma affect infrared spectrum viewing? [E]
Follow in the steps of Newton, Herschel and Ritter and discover the spectrum of light [E]
Repeat Herschel's infrared experiment [E]
Hand-drawn holograms [E]
Build a stereoscope to see in three dimensions (3D) a solid body [E]
Which objects or substances are best at blocking out ultraviolet rays? [P]
How does sugar density affect the index of refraction of water? [E]
Investigate what do lasers go through? [E]
Will the light intensity behave as stated by the Inverse Square Law? [P]
Infrared Radiation
Ultraviolet Light
Sun & Light
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Building a Cell Phone Microscope [E]
Build a Laser-Based Device to Weigh Small Masses [E]
An Innovative Method for Observing Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR) [E]
Investigate, Measure and Calculate the Refraction and Total Internal Reflection of an Optical Fiber Telecommunication Cable [E]
Using a Laser to Measure the Speed of Light in Jello [E]
Measuring the Speed of 'Light' with a Microwave Oven [E]
Determine if the densities of different materials change the speed of light [E]
Effects of Temperature and Solute Concentration on Index of Refraction [E]
Enhance the effectiveness of an Michelson interferometer by submerging the reference mass in liquid. [E] [E]
A Novel Approach to the Design and Engineering of Anchor Lights with LED's to Increase Efficiency [E]
A Study of the Mysterious Nature of Light [E]
Determining the Type of Particle in an Air Sample by Using Laser Light Scattering [E]
The Spectrum Intensity and Its Relationship to Temperature [E]
Determine the effect of temperature on a liquid's refraction of light. [E]
Build a van Leeuwenhoek Microscope [E]
Build a stereoscopic microscope [E] [E]
Build a glass-sphere microscope [E]
Follow in the steps of Thomas Young and perform the double slit experiment [E]
How do different obstacles affect radio waves? [P]
Find out which is affected greater by changes in temperature - fiber optic cable or copper wire? [E]
Infrared Radiation
Ultraviolet Light
Sun & Light
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