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Primary School - Grades K-3
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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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The Difference Between Sound and Noise [E]
Investigate how decreasing the amount of air in a container affects the container's ability to transmit sound. [E]
Which materials carry sound waves best? [P]
Can I shatter a glass with sound? [E]
Sound and Matter Experiments [E]
Does sound travel through a wall? [E]
Physics of Music Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Musical Instrument Engineering & Construction Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Middle School - Grades 7-9
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Demonstrating the Doppler Effect: Determining the Speed of an Object with Sound [E]
A Study of Decibel Reduction as Sound Passes through Common Materials [E]
Active Noise Control Effectiveness - frequencies and distances. [E]
The Effect of Ocean Acidification on the Acoustic Properties of Water [E]
Learn about sound and hearing using a decibel meter to compare noise levels in different settings and locations. [E]
Demonstrate the feasibility of the geolocation of a sound source by simultaneous noise power measurements at different locations. [E]
Find out if the frequency of a sound wave affects the speed of that sound wave. [E]
Attenuation of Eight Different Sound Frequencies over Distance through Four Different Materials [E]
Demonstrate, with a bell jar, that a material medium such as air is needed for transmission of sound waves. [E]
Which common materials are most effective at soundproofing? [P]
How Sound Influences Kinetic Energy [E]
Determine which vowels have the most harmonics [P]
Determine the relationship between air pressure and sound decibels [E]

Detecting a Red Light Runner the Easy Way by Using Sound [E]
Determine which musical instrument has the purest tone through visual image analysis of the digitized sound waves. [E]
How Accurately Can Direction Be Determined by Animals using Echo Location? [E]
Testing Sound Decay in Different Gasses [E]
Test if density of gas affects the amplitude of sound in a jar. [E]
Determine the relationship between air pressure and sound decibels. [E]
Measuring Sound Frequencies from Glass Goblets [E]
The effects of sound barrier design on highway noise attenuation [P]
Compare sound absorption of acoustical foams [P]
How the use of different materials affects the bass response of a speaker [P]
Investigate the Doppler effect for sound [E]
Measure the speed of sound [E]
Determine if sound will travel faster in different salinities of water. [E]
Do acoustic tiles really block sound? [E]
Investigate standing waves [E]
Physics of Music Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Musical Instrument Engineering & Construction Science Fair Projects & Experiments
High School - Grades 10-12
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Focusing Sound Using Non-Linear Acoustics [E]
Determine if sound absorption by acoustic foam and similar materials changes with the frequency of sound. [E]
Demonstrate the physics behind the concept of constrained layer damping for reducing acoustic emissions. [E]
The Effects of Radiation and Viscosity on Sonoluminescence [E]
Demonstrate sound constructive, destructive and cancellation interference capabilities. [E]
Physics of Music Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Musical Instrument Engineering & Construction Science Fair Projects & Experiments
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