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Waves and Frequency in Physics
P=Project   E=Experiment
Investigate the behavior of transverse waves. [E]
Investigate to which characteristics of the human voice - pitch (frequency), amplitude, and timbre (overtones) - people of all ages respond positively and negatively. [E]
Active Noise Control Effectiveness - frequencies and distances. [E]
What is the physics behind the voice change which occurs when one inhales Helium? [E]
Find the relationship between the resonant frequency of a wire and its length and diameter. [E]
Investigate whether different frequencies of light contain different amounts of energy. [E]
Research and explain how scientists detected, at LIGO, gravitational waves that were predicted by Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. [E] [E] [E] [E]
Measure the frequency of the vibrations of a guitar string as the effective length of the string is changed by fretting it. [E]
Use the wavelengths of primary colors to calculate the frequencies of additive colors, as well as white light. [E]
How do different obstacles affect radio waves? [P]
What is the relationship between frequency of handlebar motion and forward speed? [E]
Measuring the Speed of 'Light' with a Microwave Oven [E]
Demonstrate the dual wave-like or particle-like behavior that a particle (electron or photon) exhibits. [E]
Will high frequency plasma affect infrared spectrum viewing? [E]
Investigate which standing wave patterns you can produce on a guitar string by playing harmonics. [E]
The effect of length, mass, and arc on the frequency of a pendulum [P]
How Does the Period of Motion of a Pendulum Depend on Its Mass, Amplitude, or Length? [E]
How Do Varying Amplitudes, Weights, and Lengths Affect the Period of Motion of a Pendulum? [E]
Physics of Sound
Optics & Light
Waves and Frequency in Electronics
P=Project   E=Experiment   C=Circuit
Build a simple arc transmitter (carbon arc RF oscillator). [E]

Build a zinc negative resistance oscillator, transmitter. [E]

Build a Sine Wave Generator [C] [C]
The loss in frequency and amplitude of an audio signal when transmitted through a fiber optic cable at different degrees of bend diameter [P]
Build an FM Transmitter (Colpitts Oscillator) [C]
Build an FM Transmitter (hartley oscillator) [C]
Build a Medium Wave Active Antenna [C]
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as an effective and economical method for tracking individual particle movement in streams and the relationship of particle size to distance traveled. [E] [E]
Build a PC based Frequency Meter [C]
A web-based face recognition system based on Gabor Wavelets Matching [E]
Build a Human Body Detector - Radio Wave Alarm [C]
Build a Short Wave Receiver [C]
A square wave test signal generator for testing electronic projects [E]
Build a negative resistance oscillator with a homemade tunnel diode. [E] [E]
Build a baking soda variable electrolytic capacitor and oscillator. [E] [E] [E]
Build a Square Wave Oscillator [C]
Build a Low Frequency Oscillator [C]
build a 555 Pulse Generator [C]
Build an Electronic Stethoscope (Pulse and noise Detector) [C]
Build a Periodic Timer [C]
Radio & Wireless
Radar & Sonar
Light Sensors and Light Measurement
Optoelectronics Devices
Audio & Sound Circuits
Radio Electronic Circuits and Schematics
Sound Effects Circuits
Earth Sciences
Determine the dynamic behavior of a structure when excited at its natural frequency, and how active damping could be used to control vibrations. [E]
Wind speed and water depth effects on the height of ocean waves [E]

Build a model beach and see how waves affect the shoreline of the beach. [E]
Shear Wave Velocity Determined by Refraction Microtremor Surveys to Assess Earthquake Risk [E]
Study the historic relationship between the El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the number and strength of hurricanes, either in the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. [E]
Estimate the diameter of the Earth's core by measuring seismic waves around the globe. [E]
Learn if different types of soil or sand decrease the magnitude of compression waves. [E]
The Location of earthquakes (epicenters) by using the time differential for P and S waves [E]
Use archived, online seismometer data from the Berkeley Digital Seismic Network to create your own seismograms in order to measure how fast seismic waves from distant earthquakes travel through the Earth's crust. [E]
Does Ocean Water Temperature Affect Its Viscosity Enough to Change Waves? [P]
Will Different Ocean Bottoms Affect the Height of a Breaking Wave? [E]
Investigate and model the effect that water depth has on wave velocity. [E]
How Does Ocean Floor Morphology Affect Wave Height and Speed at the Shore? [E]
Determine the effect of bottom contour on the height of a wave. [E]
Fossil source material movement due to tectonic vibrations [E]
Solar & Renewable Energy
Find out if the depth of water affects wave speed that affects the power of ocean waves as a renewable source of energy [P]
The effects of wave amplitude and frequency on the amount of electricity that can be produced by a water wave generator. [E] [E]
A solar panel will output different levels of power depending on the color and wavelength of the incoming light. [E] [E] [E] [E] [E]
Can a windbelt generate enough wave energy to oscillate a magnet and coil induction circuit to power a 1.5 volt lamp? [E]
Water (Hydro) Energy
Find out how light of different wavelengths penetrates wildfire smoke. [E]
Behavioral Sciences / Psychology
Determine if pulse rate is a good indicator of fear or excitement. [E]
A Study in Understanding and Usage of the English Language through Probabilistic Modeling and Frequency [E]
Whose pulse races faster in different situations- boys or girls? [P]
Environmental Sciences
What family of seeds has the most resistance to microwave radiation? [E]
Radiation, Sound & Light Pollution
Measure, by using a light sensor, the vibrational frequency of spring/mass combinations using springs of different stiffness and a graded range of masses for each spring. [E]
Using sound pressure waves to extinguish fire. [E]
Long and Short Wavelength Colors: Will They Balance Out Interior and Exterior Temperature and Insulation Rate? [E]
Test whether air bubbles can be used as a sufficient breakwater, to effectively diminish the height of waves. [E]
An Investigation into Car Window Buffeting (Helmholtz oscillation) [E]
How does extracellular pH affect the genetic transformation frequency of calcium treated Escherichia coli [P]
Electrical Power Technology
Food Science
A simple statistical analysis of the frequency of colors of M&M's in a bag [E]
The Effect of LED Wavelength on the Phototaxis of Artemia [E]
Determine how the mass of a harvest spider affects its vibrations on its web. [E]
Why various animals react to high and low frequency sounds differently? [E]
Test whether the Black Ghost Knifefish (BGK) can use its electrolocation sense to distinguish between two different electric field waveforms, a capability that would enable to communicate with the fish and control its movement. [E]
Investigate how cell phone radio-frequency waves affect the lifespan of a cricket. [P]
Light Effects on Animals
Retarding the Growth of Escherichia coli (E. coli) with Varying Light Wavelengths [E]
Effects of Light on Bacteria, Algae & Fungi
The Effects of Wavelengths of Light on Plant Food Production [E]
What family of seeds has the most resistance to microwave radiation? [E]
The effects of microwaved water on plants [P]
Test if the color or wavelength of light will affect the chlorophyll content of a leaf. [E]
Does A Continuous Magnetic Pulse Increases the Mass of a Pinto Bean Seedling [E]
The Effects of Intense Pulsed Lighting on the Growth Behavior of Bush Bean Plants [E]
Musical vibrations effect on crystal growth [P]
Flow Synchronization in Two Coupled Salt Oscillators [E]
Investigate Flow Dynamics of the Salt Oscillator [E]
Sunblocks & Sunscreens
A device that filters sound into frequency ranges applied to different body parts to help people with hearing loss [P]
Measure your threshold of hearing as a function of the frequency of the sound. [E]
Determine at what frequency range people lose their ability to hear high frequency sounds? [E]
Improving the Music Experience for People with Hearing Loss Using Multi-Frequency Tactile Sound [E]
Do Artificial Nails and Nail Polish Interfere with the Accurate Measurement of Oxygen Saturation by Pulse Oximetry? [E]
How does music affect the pulse and blood pressure of Alzheimer's patients? [E]
Heart and Circulatory System Anatomy and Physiology
Heart & Blood Vessels Disease
Color Perception and Vision
Eye and Visual System Disease
Eye and Visual System Anatomy and Physiology
Ears and Hearing
Radiation Health Effects
Computer Science
Measure how much different materials affect the signal strength of a wireless router. [E]
Build a PC based Frequency Meter [C]
Forensic Science
Person Identification by Voice Spectral Analysis [E]
Waves Interdisciplinary Topics
Cell Phones
Sun & Light
Ultraviolet (UV) Light
Infrared (IR) Radiation
Future Science
Wavemaster relies on Faraday's principle of electric induction by harnessing energy in ocean waves and converting it to useable electricity. [P]
A machine that captures the energy from the waves and currents underneath the water and convert it into electricty [P]
A piezoelectric material that captures and magnifies sound waves from vehicles to transform the energy from the waves into electricity to power street lamps (10-12) [P]
A vest that calculates body fat and vibrates regularly to motivate users to exercise in order to lose excess fat and decrease obesity (7-9). [P]
S.P.I.N.E.S: Spinal Pulse Inducing Neuron Electric Stimulator reestablishes connection of the neurons in the lumbar and cures paralysis by enabling lower body movement (10-12). [P]
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